Website Privacy Policy

This page contains our Privacy Policy, as set out below:

What kinds of personal information do we collect and by what ways do we do this?

When you access this website, personal information may be collected from you, as the user, in different ways. This data may be in the form of personal information or non-personal information.

Personal information

For example, if you fill in an online form such as a form found in a Contact section that asks for your name and email address, then this personal data will be collected automatically by this site and stored indefinitely with no specified time limit. This type of information is classed as personal information as it may be able to be used to identify users personally

Non-personal information

Different kinds of data can also be gathered by this website which is considered as non-personal information (because it cannot be used to personally identify a user. For example, this can be when this site automatically reads a user’s unique IP address, the GPS coordinates of the connection or the type of internet browser you are accessing this site with. This type of non-personal data collection is automatic and a standard procedure for most websites.

What is this information used for?

The administrator of this website reserve the right to use any personal or non-personal information collected from users for the following reasons:

– In order to improve our website by viewing user habits and trends while online
– In order to personalize a user’s overall browsing experience through improved customer service and personalized offers

How can users of this website protect their privacy online?

By accessing this website, a user automatically agrees to the terms and conditions of the privacy policy outlined above. Anybody can choose to access this site anonymously by changing the settings found in the privacy settings of a computer or internet browser.

Please note: Personal information and data collected by this website will never be shared with or sold to a third party website, company or individual under any circumstances.